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The Venerable Stephanie Shepard will be attending this powerful fundraising event.  Why not join her! Here is the link for Team St. Martin Fundraising page.

Be nice to your clergy on Sunday March 1, 2020.  North Vancouver Anglicans are actively supporting the Long, Long, Night of Hope fundraiser to end homelessness.  On Saturday February 29th, our priest Stephanie will join others on the floor of St. John the Evangelist Church or “sleeping” in their cars outside. Cold? Uncomfortable? An insight into the necessity of thousands in our area?  Yes, yes, and yes!  Join Team St. Martin in participating.  For those who find it difficult to spend a night on the ground, consider donating as your pledge to help.   All proceeds support shelter and housing initiatives here in North Vancouver.  


St. John's Anglican Church in North Vancouver is proud to be hosting the 4th annual Long, Long Night of Hope, a fundraiser for homelessness! Participants are already beginning to register and raise money, with hopes of beating the $20,000.00 we raised in 2019. Every dollar raised again will be donated to the Lookout Housing and Health Society's shelter in North Vancouver 

The fundraising is easy, just a few clicks on your keyboard and then sharing your personal fundraising page through social media. The harder part is the actual long, LONG night of hope, February 29th 2020, when participants gather to sleep in their cars for the night - just like one-third of homeless do every single night. It will be cold and uncomfortable, but so very worthwhile.

Please consider taking part in The Long, Long Night of Hope 2020, or sponsor someone from your office to take part. Get everyone you know to contribute to your personal goal. And share your journey through social media, so your friends, family and followers can cheer you on.

Homelessness is not hopelessness. You can be the hope.

The Long, Long Night of Hope: A fundraiser for the homeless in our community

Saturday, February 29th, 2020 

One mid-winter night - on what feels like the longest night any of us will experience this year - we bundle up with sleeping bags and warm blankets to spend the night in our car. 

Some stretch out on the hard wood pews inside the church. 

Why are we doing this? 

First, to get a tiny taste of what it is like for the thousands of homeless men, women and children living in the Lower Mainland ... people struggling against the elements (and our indifference) just to survive however they can. 

Second, to raise funds in support of The Lookout Society's programs supporting the homeless on the North Shore. 

Each volunteer is pledging to raise funds through friends and social media (suggested personal goal is $500. each). All funds raised by the volunteers will be collected through an online pledge site, and the entire amount will go to the Lookout Society on the North Shore ...funds used to feed and offer shelter to families with nowhere else to go. 

Why are we doing this?

Because we can. Because we should. Because we care. 

Here is the link to register and create your fundraising page for the event, and to donate.