We welcome you to St. Martin's.  If you are looking for a church to call as home, let us help you by describing what your first visit to St. Martin's would be like.

 Upon Arrival  When you first walk in the door, you will be met by one or two Greeters.  They will welcome you with a Sunday Leaflet and ask you your name.  They will then offer you to wear a name tag, so that we can call you by name.

Leaflet  Our Sunday Leaflet is printed out in full.  This will allow to feel fully present and engaged in your worship experience.  There will be no need to flip through books, looking for pages or wondering what part of the service you are in!  The only book you will need is the blue Common Praise Hymn book.  The Leaflet also contains contact information and current events in the Parish, Region and Community.

Service  If you are attending the 8:00 am service, this is a shorter, quieter service. It is a said service, meaning there are no hymns or music.

The 10:00 am service tends to be a bit longer - there are plenty of hymns, music and a sermon.

And my children?  Children and youth are welcome at St. Martin's.  Your children can either attend Sunday School downstairs or play in the Children's Corner at the back of the church. 

What should I wear?  You may wear what you feel most comfortable in.  Some people dress casually, some people wear more formal attire .  The Vicar will be wearing an  alb and chasuble (liturgical vestments), the servers typically wear smart casual attire and an alb during the service. The Choir will be dressed similarly to servers only with a blue choir alb during the service.

After the Service  This is a time to socialize with other members of the parish and get to know new people.  We gather in the Hall for tea, coffee and refreshments.  Occassionally there is a Parish Forum where members of the congregation come together to discuss the current issue at hand.

During the Week  Each week on a Friday, you will receive an email which includes the Sunday Leaflet and any other news you might need to know.  If you are scheduled for a duty you will also receive an email reminding you.

Engaging in the Parish  Like most churches, Parishioners offer many gifts to the church. Your time is valuable to you and also to us. We would be delighted to hear from you to make sure that you are comfortable with how you are engaging with the parish.