Stewardship Campaign Week 5 - ASK

This Sunday Sarah S. will be talking about 'Your Plus One', how that extra bit can do so much to the worship experience in the church. What is your Plus+ 1? Read More


Stewardship Campaign Week 4 - ASK

This Sunday there will be a short pre-service talk from Fr. Robin and Harold Nelson, Treasurer.  They will talk about financial support and how it affects the church.  The Pledge Cards will also be handed out. Read More


Stewardship Campaign Week 3 - ASK

This week in the Stewardship Campaign we begin with "ASK". Heather R. will give a pre-service talk on what involvement means to the church and individual members. Read More


Stewardship Campaign Wk 2 - INSPIRE

This week Cathy & Howard will giving a short pre-service talk on "Why we are privileged to be members of St. Martin's" We thank them for being part of St. Martin's Stewardship Campaign. Read More


Stewardship Campaign Wk 1 - INSPIRE

On Thanksgiving Sunday, Fr. Robin launched St. Martin's Stewardship Campaign for 2017. Working again on the theme of Inspire, Ask, Thank, St. Martin's financial goal is to grow and support ministry opportunities. ... Read More


New Shrine in Sanctuary

Earlier this year in May St. Martin's hosted an information session on addictions and the fentanyl crisis in Vancouver (See September issue of Topic). From that conversation Parish Council has decided to set up a... Read More


Order of Saint Martin's

St Martin’s Anglican is a North Vancouver parish which prides itself on upholding many traditions in worship, fellowship and discipleship. The Order of St. Martin’s is a new tradition that we welcome this year. The... Read More


Requests for Christmas Market's time to bring things to St. Martin's for Christmas Market preparation! We need Full bottles of liquor for the bottle drive Loose change for the Coin Guessing raffle Artwork Clean, gently used clothing... Read More


Harvest Project Donations - Thanksgiving Dinner

Please consider bringing in a donation to support the Harvest Project’s Thanksgiving Dinner.  There is a box in the narthex to collect non-perishable items which be available until October 1. Thank you!   Read More


Congratulations on your marriage Stephanie & Ryan!

Today Stephanie and Ryan were joined in Holy Matrimony at St. Martin's. Congratulations and we wish you the very best for the future ahead of you. Read More