Update from Regional Ecumenical Sponsorship Team (REST)

Update from Regional Ecumenical Sponsorship Team (REST)

A letter from Shannon Muir, Coordinator for Regional Ecumenical Sponsorship Team (REST)

Good afternoon everyone,  

Thank you very much for your ongoing support. I wish you a very Merry Christmas from the REST Steering Committee and the newcomers we have sponsored. Everyone is doing well and they have high hopes for a fantastic year in 2018. Said's relatives, who are being sponsored by the Carlisle Group, and St. Phillips Church, have been moving through the stages of interviews and check-ups.

We are happy to know they are proceeding through the steps and hope they will arrive some time this winter.    Honada has a brother with a young wife and two small children, currently in Lebanon. Her brother is in very poor shape medically because of being tortured. If you know of any group that might be interested in sponsoring them, please let me know.     

For a lovely story about sponsorship, please click on the link below:www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/25/i-like-the-rain-the-only-syrian-family-in-a-welsh-village

Shannon Muir
St. Agnes Anglican Church