Stewardship Campaign Week 4 - Giving

Stewardship Campaign Week 4 - Giving

Last Sunday, our Treasurer, Harold spoke about the finances at St. Martin's.  Here is an introduction to his speech.   To read the whole article, please open the link below.

Today I’d like to talk to you about the financial side of our stewardship campaign. In the past few weeks we’ve tried to inspire you with the value that our worship community brings to us and to the community. And we’ve talked about how you can help by participating in the many volunteer activities that are needed to run our weekly services. But today we would like to talk to you about that subject that many Anglicans seem to want to avoid: money!  

As Archbishop Hambidge reminded us at our Harvest Dinner, stewardship is about much more than just the money. And it is true that money is not the only thing we need to be successful in our mission, but it is a very essential element. And no doubt my perspective on this has been influenced by my experience as your Treasurer, a job where I have come to worry constantly about our income and our expenditures.

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