St. Martin's History Moment III

St. Martin's History Moment III

This picture is a copy of St. Martin’s Vestry Book in November, 1918.  If you look carefully, you will find some very poignant information.

Also, looking further down you will note ‘Entry forbidden by police’.  I asked our Archivist, Melanie Delva to see if she could explain this mystery.  Here are her results!

In November of 1918, all schools and public places in North Vancouver were closed to the public due to an outbreak of Spanish influenza.  It had already wiped out 10% of North Vancouver’s population – some of whom were WWI veterans who survived the trenches of France only to die at home of the flu a few months later.  The parish of St. Martin’s, North Vancouver contravened the health regulation to close and went ahead with services, so the Rev. Perrin was fined $10 and the Wardens were each fined $2.50 in addition to entry to the church being forbidden by police.  This doesn’t seem to have stopped them for long, as they re-instated services the 29th of the same month!  

 If you are having difficulty viewing the words,  there is a downloadable copy on the link below.

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