Lord, Teach Us to Pray - Walking In Prayer

On January 9th, Fr. Robin led an evening on walking the Labyrinth. 

A labyrinth is a spiritual form that is open to people of all faiths and spiritual disciplines as a resource for meditation, reflection, and prayer.

People walk its winding path for countless reasons. For many, it is a way of centering themselves or of seeking insight during times of transition in their lives. For others, it is a channel for relating to the Divine.

Many religious traditions have some form of walking meditation. Labyrinths have appeared in many cultures. One of the best known forms of labyrinth is the seven-circuit classical or “Cretan” labyrinth of Greek mythology.

Labyrinths are often confused with mazes. Mazes are games or puzzles intended to confuse and trick the mind. Labyrinths have only one path that leads into the centre and back out again. It will never try to trick you, never divide, and never present you with a dead end.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you a sense of Labyrinth walking.