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Diocesan School for Parish Development

An opportunity for both clergy and laity to develop your skilss in congregation and organizational development.   Courses are offered throughout the year at two venues:  Vancouver School of Theology (VST) and the... Read More


Stewardship Campaign Week 7

This is our final week in 2016 for the Stewardship Campaign.  The Stewardship Committe have put together a very thoughtful and inspiring campaign over the past few weeks.  We thank them for their commitment to this... Read More

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St. Martin's History Moment III

This picture is a copy of St. Martin’s Vestry Book in November, 1918.  If you look carefully, you will find some very poignant information. Also, looking further down you will note ‘Entry forbidden by police’.  I... Read More


Stewardship Campaign Week 4 - Giving

Last Sunday, our Treasurer, Harold spoke about the finances at St. Martin's.  Here is an introduction to his speech.   To read the whole article, please open the link below. Today I’d like to talk to you about the... Read More