Why Do They Stay? Lay Church Leaders

Why Do They Stay?  Lay Church Leaders

Free Public Lecture

Stephen Muir recently completed a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity College/University of Toronto.  His focus of study was how lay leaders in North Vancouver experienced the Ministry Assessment Process (MAP).

He began his study with the observation that many lay leaders involved in MAP reported it to be a challenging, stressful and often disappointing experience. As volunteers, any of these leaders could have left the process at any time, and yet many, if not most, chose to stay. 

Stephen's thesis explores the question of "why do they stay" in an effort to gain insight into the
motivations and passions of lay leaders and to help the Anglican Church be more supportive of our lay leaders. 

In Saturday's presentation Stephen will provide an overview of his research and share his results.

There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. The Ven. Stephen Muir is  Rector of St Agnes and Archdeacon of Capilano.


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