The Long, Long Night of Hope

The Long, Long Night of Hope

In February 2017, St. John's Anglican Church held the first Long, Long Night of Hope, a fundraising event in support of the homeless in our community. 

With just seven participants and using an online social-media fundraising platform, we raised over $10,000 for the Lookout Emergency Aid Society shelter in North Vancouver.  

The need for help for our homeless population is greater now than ever before.  The homeless count is up 30% from just 2 years ago, and it is estimated that one-third of all homeless people live in their vehicles.  That is why The Long, Long Night of Hope is so important: along with raising crucial funds for the shelter, we also raise awareness of the crisis by sleeping in our cars or on a pew in the church, getting a tiny taste of what life is like every day for thousands across the Lower Mainland.

Be part of the solution and join us for the Long Long Night.  

Thank you!   Donna, on behalf of
The Long, Long Night of Hope
St. John's Anglican Church, North Vancouver

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