Good shepherd

Finding Common Ground

For so many this passage from Matthew’s gospel comes across as a “Feel Good” passage. At last we hear and read about the good works that we need to do as a way of following Jesus. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the many other virtuous acts we may associate with being the Church. While there... Read More

Parable of the talents

Living an Abundant Life

For the longest time, I had some difficulty with this passage from Matthew’s Gospel. We read about how a landowner entrusts a portion of his wealth to three of his workers or slaves. Two are quite successful and produce double what they were given in the first place, whereas the third, the one who received only... Read More


Stewardship as a Way of Life

Today we celebrate our Patronal Festival, St. Martin’s day. We try to mark the occasion on the Sunday closest to November 11 which is designated as St. Martin’s day in the Church calendar.   St. Martin is a man who was considered an outsider, even by his peers and colleagues, but whom regardless of this remained... Read More

Allsaints banner2

Characteristics of a Saint

Typically on All Saints day we celebrate and remember the saints who have died over the past year. Some of them are people we know and call friends. Others have been people who played a significant role in our lives in one way or another. In previous years we have taken the time to read out the names of these... Read More