Bearing Witness to Christ

In the same way Advent can be seen as Mary’s month in that we follow closely with her and Joseph as they prepare for the birth of their son, so too can Advent be seen as John the Baptist’s month. In a way, this is John’s moment. Jesus’s moment is coming soon, very soon where he will then steal the show so to... Read More

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Jesus is Coming, Look Busy

Every once in a while I think it may be kinda neat to have a large banner created that could dominate the Windsor side of the church. The banner would be for Advent and would read something like: “Jesus is coming, look busy.” Welcome to the second week of Advent where we hear the cry from John the Baptist,... Read More


New Year Resolutions for St. Martin's

So how many of you have made New Year resolutions? How many of you have completed any New Year resolutions? Today we begin a new year in the life of the Church as we enter once again into Advent. So, let me be the first to wish you a Happy New Year! Advent is one of my favorite seasons. These next four weeks are... Read More