A Closer look at Herod

So in the narrative of the wise men coming to see Jesus and bringing their gifts, Herod is cast as the “Big Bad” of the story. But I have come to find a new appreciation for Herod. As I have reflected on and indeed preached this text in many a sermon on Epiphany I have found that Herod in many ways is no different... Read More


The King is Already Here!

So I wonder what stood out for you in our first reading from Isaiah . . . . Was it perhaps, “For us a child has been born for us” (Is 9: 6). Maybe, “ . . . and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” is the verse that best stands out (Is 9: 6). How many of you noticed the... Read More


Joseph's Risk

A man is approached by someone he does not know and never met before. This person tells the man that his fiancé is pregnant. The man’s world suddenly stops. How could this be? Is he the father, or is there someone else? Oh the scandal! So many questions, so much uncertainty in a world that is already uncertain.... Read More

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Interupted By Hope

Throughout Advent we hear the prophets speak to us about hope and a new world. John the Baptist adds to this in his well-known discourse about Preparing the Way of the Lord. We find ourselves this time of year being busy. We are busy with preparations for Christmas; we are busy with deadlines, work commitments,... Read More

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Looking for God in the Unexpected

In a Vancouver court room earlier this week a man and his family were going to court for their deportation hearing. It was another court day like many before where he and his supporters lined up to go through the metal detectors and security screening process. Going to court is stressful for the best of us. But... Read More

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Yearning For More!

Growing up in South Africa there was a custom among many of the African cultures to have a Praise Singer whenever a dignitary, king or special guest was going to be present. The Praise Singer would arrive at the venue ahead of the dignitary and address the crowd in a loud projected voice. He or she would proclaim... Read More


So What do you do When the Apocalypse Comes?

Wow what a week it has been! As with many people half of my extended family is American and guess what, they are on both sides of the political spectrum. You can just imagine some of the conversations that can take place if any of us dare talk about politics. So forgive me, but I do need to ask, just in case,... Read More


Christ the King Sunday - Bishop Melissa Presider

Christ the King Sunday St. Martin’s North Vancouver November 20, 2016 Colossians 1:11-20 To read the Bishop's Sermon, please click on this link. You may also download the Sermon below. Read More

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Letting the Light Shine in

There was once a boy who was sitting in a church when a priest noticed that he had been sitting there for some time. The priest went over to talk to him to see what he was up too. He sat down and asked, “What are you doing?” The boy replied I am looking at the windows. The church was much like ours with many... Read More


It's Time to Talk About Money!

There are probably at least four taboos in society or four hot subjects that we would rather not talk about. Or if we did talk about them, we would choose very carefully the company with which they were discussed. They are sex, religion, politics and money. Sex, probably less so these days as it seems for the last... Read More