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The Wilderness: A Time of Transformation

I wonder what it must have been like for Jesus to be in the Wilderness. I wonder why he went into the Wilderness in the first place. When I was a lot younger our favorite vacation spot as a family was on the beach on the Eastern side of South Africa. The beach was sandy with plenty of space to sun tan, build sand... Read More


Transfiguration of the Lord

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Becoming Holy Just as God is Holy

One of the things that I wrestle with is how do we as a church respond to the needs of the world? In other words how do we, St. Martin’s North Vancouver, respond to the issues and concerns that we are called to face in this day and age. We are located and live in an area where on the surface we are surrounded by... Read More


Built For Growth

Several years ago Vancouver School of Theology underwent significant restructuring. It was an unsettling time to be in seminary with buildings being sold, torn down and new ones built. It seemed with each passing year, semester even, the school was shrinking physically and financially. To help curb the downward... Read More


Living into the Beatitudes

Jesus is on the road moving from town to town. He has been calling disciples, healing people and now large crowds are starting to gather and follow him wherever he goes. The crowds are interested, mesmerized and cannot resist listening to every word Jesus has to say. Jesus has a message of hope and liberation that... Read More


What Keeps You Following Jesus?

In our gospel today we see Jesus starting to draw attention to himself. People are starting to notice him, listen to him and now, follow him. It is interesting to note that there must have been something about Jesus that is so capturing for the first disciples, that it doesn’t take much persuasion to follow Jesus.... Read More


Where Does God Stay?

Welcome to the season of Epiphany! Epiphany translates to, make manifest, or to reveal, make known. We began this season when the Wise Men visited the new born baby Jesus. They then left to return to their own countries and homes by a different road. Their lives had changed. The world had changed based on what... Read More


Living Faithfully with the Creed

I can hear my homiletics professor now . . . “Whatever you do, do not preach on the Creed . . .” So I am going to preach on the Creed . . . The Creed is one of those texts that we recite every week, and those of us who follow the daily office, every day. The Creed is also closely associated and forms the opening... Read More


A Closer look at Herod

So in the narrative of the wise men coming to see Jesus and bringing their gifts, Herod is cast as the “Big Bad” of the story. But I have come to find a new appreciation for Herod. As I have reflected on and indeed preached this text in many a sermon on Epiphany I have found that Herod in many ways is no different... Read More


The King is Already Here!

So I wonder what stood out for you in our first reading from Isaiah . . . . Was it perhaps, “For us a child has been born for us” (Is 9: 6). Maybe, “ . . . and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” is the verse that best stands out (Is 9: 6). How many of you noticed the... Read More