The Power of the Cross

So here is where I think the problem is. For us who profess the Christian Faith we see the cross as a symbol of grace and liberation. For us the cross represents freedom and knowledge that through the death and resurrection of Jesus, through the cross, we are already saved. So, on the one hand, Yay for us.   But... Read More


The Places Where God Meets Us

So the day had finally come when I got the call. I was a brand new deacon in the Church of God, serving in my first parish, Christ Church Creston. The call was one that I had for a long time been cautiously curious about and at the same time looked forward to. The voice on the other end of the phone, “Is this Fr.... Read More


Building Resistance to Oppression

I wonder what it was like to be living in Ancient Egypt. I wonder what it must have been like for the Israelites who were enslaved to the Egyptians. Imagine working days upon days of constant hard labor, no days off, no vacation, no fair pay; just the opportunity to be a slave based on who you are, your culture,... Read More


Rejecting a Culture of Hate

So I am not going to lie. This is a hard gospel to hear. We read about how Jesus is really not living up to what we expect of him, or even what he might expect from himself. Jesus the man who has done wonderful and amazing things, healing people, casting out demons and spreading a message of hope, liberation and... Read More


How Good is Our Soil?

Anyone who knows anything about gardening and soil can easily engage with the parable of the Sower that we heard today in Matthew’s Gospel. It just makes sense. Seed that is thrown on rock or in thorns is not going to do well. But plant seed in well maintained and fertilized soil, they stand the best chance of... Read More


Church: A Place of Belonging & Where Souls Find Rest

I am willing to bet that you know someone and perhaps it has been yourself who cringes the moment the topic of “church” or “religion” comes up in conversation. Believe it or not there are people who have a hard time engaging in a positive way with religion and church. However, ask these same people how they feel... Read More

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Letting Go So That We May Be More Fully Alive

Growing up I was taught to plan for every eventuality. Every possibility needed to be analyzed and thought through so that the best possible solution or result could be achieved. Decisions were made with careful thought and never, if at all possible in the spur of the moment. The perceived risk of making spur of... Read More


How Do We Offer the Best of Ourselves?

So church growth and looking at ways in which we can grow can be a source of anxiety for many churches. Indeed for us this is a topic that comes up regularly. People wonder and want to know how to increase the size of the congregation. At times people have asked me, “How do we get young people coming back to... Read More


Living into the Trinity

Today we once again find ourselves with an interesting clash between a doctrine of the Church and what the Gospels say. This is Trinity Sunday where inevitably some of us once again try and wrestle with how three people can be one person all at the same time. No matter how we try and explain it, or rationalize it,... Read More

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Owning Our Ministry

Today is a big day for us. This is Pentecost Sunday. Today we have blessed a new carpet in the Naïve and Sanctuary. We will also be blessing our new exterior stairs. We have balloons in church [and many of you are wearing red] all to help celebrate and usher in the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and us. A few... Read More