Parable of the talents

Living an Abundant Life

For the longest time, I had some difficulty with this passage from Matthew’s Gospel. We read about how a landowner entrusts a portion of his wealth to three of his workers or slaves. Two are quite successful and produce double what they were given in the first place, whereas the third, the one who received only... Read More


Stewardship as a Way of Life

Today we celebrate our Patronal Festival, St. Martin’s day. We try to mark the occasion on the Sunday closest to November 11 which is designated as St. Martin’s day in the Church calendar.   St. Martin is a man who was considered an outsider, even by his peers and colleagues, but whom regardless of this remained... Read More

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Characteristics of a Saint

Typically on All Saints day we celebrate and remember the saints who have died over the past year. Some of them are people we know and call friends. Others have been people who played a significant role in our lives in one way or another. In previous years we have taken the time to read out the names of these... Read More

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The Power of One

It is hard to ask for things, especially money. For me whenever I am in the position to ask for help, money or anything I feel vulnerable and in some way less than what I should be. It’s hard not to be because we are taught to be independent and not to depend on others. This is a good thing as we grow and mature... Read More


Everything Belongs to God

Growing up in South Africa the Mother’s Union would often have their own separate service on a Sunday afternoon. On any given street, scattered across the city of Johannesburg you would see a group of the Mother’s Union making their way to church. You could tell which church or denomination they belonged to as... Read More


Belonging to God

Imagine for a moment entering and being in the place you call home. Now the home I am talking about may or may not be your current home where you live. It may be your grandmother’s house, the family farm or some other place entirely. The point is that this is the place where you feel completely safe and your most... Read More


Remembering & Giving Thanks to Significant People

 Today is Thanksgiving Sunday. This is an opportunity for us as people and a community to pause and give thanks for the many blessings that have come our way this year. The people who have touched our lives deeply, the events and moments of grace that we have encountered in unexpected ways, we give thanks for... Read More


Seeing God in The World

If Jesus came to earth today, would we recognize him? In our gospel today we read about the religious elders trying to catch Jesus out. They are not happy at all. Here comes a young guy who is going around town saying and doing things that are not the norm. We all know the type. These are people who say and do... Read More


Reconcillation: Making People Whole

So I am pretty sure I am not the only parent who experiences the ongoing argument amongst children about what the other person gets versus what they receive. It goes pretty much like this, “Well Charlotte got one, so why can’t I?” Or “But Amelia had a longer turn, why can’t I?” Sound familiar. . .   In today’s... Read More

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Forgiveness & Mercy

Peter comes to Jesus with a question. It is a question that he and the disciples have been wondering about for some time. It is even a question that many of us from time to time may have wondered. How many times should we forgive someone? This is a question that not only applies to ourselves but extends to the... Read More