Finding New Life

It is fair to say that we live in stressful times these days. Things we once took for granted, no longer seem to apply. Our certainty on anything, suddenly is less certain as we watch and listen to values around equality and human rights give way to old ideologies of hate and violence.  It is easy for us grow... Read More


Participating in a Way of Life

This past week I participated in an interfaith dialogue hosted by the Armenian Orthodox Church. Participants included several denominations of Orthodox churches including the Greek and Romanian Orthodox Churches. One Mennonite, several Roman Catholic representatives and a couple of people from the Hare Krishna... Read More


What Makes You Angry?

What makes you angry? This was the question asked of me the first time I appeared before the Examining Chaplains. The Examining Chaplains is a Diocesan Group, appointed by the Bishop that helps discern with prospective candidates their readiness and calling for ordained ministry.   What makes you angry? This... Read More


Letting Go

Our Gospel today speaks to the theme “Letting Go” or “Sacrifice.” Our passage today follows the time when Jesus is with the disciples on the way to the villages of Caesarea Philipi. He asks them, “Who do people say that I am?” (Mark 8: 27). Naturally they give several answers of what other people say who Jesus is.... Read More


Making Space For God

In today’s Gospel we read of Jesus being tempted in the Wilderness. Well it must be Lent if we are getting around to this passage. Unlike the other well-known accounts of Jesus’s temptation, Mark is remarkably short with this moment in Jesus’s life. We do not read of the number of ways Jesus is tempted by the... Read More

Elijah and elisha

Rite of Passage

Our reading from 2 Kings today is one of my favorite from this book. We read of two great people in Scripture, Elijah and Elisha. The student and the master. It is no accident that their names sound similar. It can be easy to get confused and tongue twisted over Elijah and Elisha. This is intentional because the... Read More

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Transformation to Discipleship

This year marks my fourth year as your Vicar. It has been a great joy being with you as your priest. Throughout my time, at various points in my preaching and at other opportunities, such as today, I have endeavored to gently hold before you the truth regardless of how painful that may be at times.   We stand, as... Read More


The Desire to Follow Jesus

What is it about Jesus that is so compelling? What did those first disciples see in Jesus as he walked along the shore calling them to follow him? This is a fascinating passage from Mark in that Mark points to the charismatic energy of Jesus. For reasons unknown in this passage, Simon, Andrew, James and John leave... Read More

Baptism of jesus norma boeckler

Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be

When you were baptized, did you notice anything different? For most of us the answer inevitably is no. We were either baptized as an infant. In many ways our baptism is like many other significant moments and changes in our lives, whether it be a birthday, getting married or even going on retreat, we may not... Read More


Guides to the Divine

Part of what makes Christianity and how we express our faith through the Anglican Tradition difficult for some is that so much of our language is wrapped up in metaphor. We are constantly looking to describe and provide meaning for things we cannot see or explain. No one has seen God in the flesh per say, nor do... Read More